Sunday, May 23, 2010

bento 2: i heart you

okay so brett's review is in: he enjoyed his hot dog bento, but he wanted the bun packed separate from his hot dog because "the bun was too cold." okay! the rest of the lunch was okay: he liked the mangos, he liked the salad, hot dogs are awesome, etc, etc. i asked him if he wanted a sandwich for tomorrow and he requested more hot dogs but we only had vegan ones so here is hot dog bento redux, with vegan dogs. (and buns packed separately for temperature regulation)

that is a mini jello (a vegan agar-agary one) that you may see peeking out of the middle (in front of the bun-less not-dogs) and another one on the upper right. then there are onions and bbq sauce--i know, who eats bbq on their hot dogs? apparently brett. what a vegan monstrosity.

also that thing in the back is a green-tea mochi. i think they're kinda gross but brett loves them. someone at his work today asked if he had someone japanese in his family and he was like nope... just katie, who loves lo's seafood and asian market like nothing else on this earth. and whose diet consists largely of scallion pancakes from there and is going to be 700 lbs by september (no offense to my 700 lb readers)

more mango and spargel and salad. no carrot goldfish because it was graduation day at my school today and i spent most of the day sitting in the hot sun. and the rest of the day moving furniture in the hot sun. ...and there's an SVU marathon on...

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